My Time with the Shanghai Cricket Club

I have always wanted to pay a visit to China, and I have always loved cricket, which you might think is quite strange due to the fact that I am Scottish through and through. However, cricket is actually more popular in Scotland than most people would imagine, and you can find out more about betting on Scottish cricket at . Anyway, that is enough about where I come from, let us get back to what I really want to talk about.


Trip to China

In the summer of 2019, I finally got to visit China, a country that I have always wanted to visit since I was a young lad. I am not too sure why China was at the top of my list out of all destinations, but I think it had something to do with just how different their way of life is when compared to ours in the Western world. I am the type of person who loves to experience entirely different cultures. Although, I must admit that it was hard at times due to the fact that you will not find many people who are able to understand a thick Scottish accent.

My Trip to a Cricket Club

On one of the days on my tour of China, I was in Shanghai and I came across a sign that had an image on it that looked like a cricket pavilion to me. I cannot read Chinese at all, but I thought I might as well go and check it. Sure enough, my instinct was correct and a few minutes later I had stumbled upon the Shanghai Cricket Club. Like I said earlier on, I am a huge cricket fan, so I could not resist going in for a look. Luckily for me, the team were in a training session at the time, so I asked the ground staff if I could watch them train for a bit as I am really into my cricket.


To my surprise, they said that was perfectly fine, so I sat there for a good hour watching them and then their captain came over to speak with me. He can speak pretty good English and he asked me where I came from, why I was wanted to watch, and what is it about cricket that I love so much. After we had finished chatting, he did something that I would never have expected him to do – he invited me to have a net with them.

I was ecstatic at the chance to play with them and I spent the next few hours taking on their bowlers in the net. They were actually pretty impressed with my batting skills and joked that I should move to Shanghai so that I could join their cricket team. It was a really fun experience and if I am ever back in Shanghai, I shall definitely head back to see how they are all getting on.

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