This is the History of the Shanghai Cricket Club

The Shanghai Cricket Club (SCC), as you have probably already guessed from its name, is a cricket club that can be found in Shanghai in China. The club goes all the way back to 1858 when a game of cricket was recorded between a Shanghai XI and a team that was made up of British Navy personnel. We will now go on to take a closer look at the history of this cricket club. Alternatively, you can learn about about placing a bet on a team here: (

The History of Shanghai Cricket Club

shanghai-cricket-club shanghai-cricket-club

In 1863, the Shanghai Recreation Fund bought the first cricket ground in China. It was situated inside the Shanghai Race Club, which itself is situated in the area that is now known as People’s Park and People’s Square.

In 1866, Interport matches between the Singapore Cricket Club and the Hong Kong Cricket Club started. This was a series of fixtures, both home and away, that continued to take place all the way until 1948. Shanghai stopped competing when the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) because of the ruling party.

Shanghai played 48 Interport matches, winning 20 of them, losing 28, and drawing 7. They hold the record for the highest score, having scored 479 all out. One of their players, VH Lanning, also holds the record for the best bowling figures in a match as he picked up 13 wickets for just 44 runs.

In 1892, tragedy struck as the Hong Kong team were heading home, after having just played a cricket match in Shanghai. The ship that they were travelling on, the SS Bokhara, sank during a typhoon. The exact number onboard is not known, but it is estimated that there was around 173 people on the ship. Of those 173 people, only 23 survived. There were 13 Hong Kong players on board, but only 2 of them survived the tragedy. Interport matches were stopped for five years because of this unfortunate event, and when the two clubs started playing each other again, the winner was awarded the Bokhara Bell Memorial Trophy.

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In 1994, the SCC came in to being again, using the same English name as before, but a different Chinese one. In 2004, a league was created by the SCC member clubs (DPR Hot Dogs, Bashers CC, Daredevils (then known as Maharajas), and Pudong CC. From 1997 to 2009, the SCC hosted the Shanghai International Sixes.

The Pirates and the Dragons are the club’s two teams. The Dragons regularly tour Asia and host matches in Shanghai, with their players being selected from the city’s best players. The Pirates were formed in 2005 and are made up of players from the seven-member clubs in Shanghai. They often tour with the Dragons throughout Asia.

The SCC play regular cricket games against Kowloon Cricket Club, Hong Kong Cricket Club, Beijing Cricket Club, and Lamma Cricket Club. Furthermore, they sometimes play against Singapore Cricket Club, Centaurs Cricket Club, and the Marylebone Cricket Club. They were also the first club to play cricket in North Korea.

What is the Structure of Their Cricket League?

There are four foundation clubs in this three-division league, these being the DPR Hot Dogs, the Daredevils CC, the Bashers CC, and Pudong CC. In addition to these four teams, there are four associate teams which are China Zalmi CC, Charminar Cheetahs CC, K2 CCC, and Dulwich Knights.

The matches are played every Sunday from April through to September. The matches in Division 1 are 40 overs per team, the matches in Division 2 are 30 overs per team, while the matches in Division 3 are 25 overs per team.

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